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SL66 all Models

The full Rolleiflex SL 66 range of medium format SLR cameras,
as built by Rollei in Germany between 1966 and 1993

SL66 Classic
The original SL66

Total made in Germany from October 1966 until March 1986: 28,900
Special models: Several, including gold plated models, different leather & colors and 10 cameras in black (1973)
Serial # 1966-1982: 2.900.000 - 2.927.800 Serial # 1982-1986:
coded xxxxxxxx


SL66E: TTL metering + TTL flash metering 

Total made in Germany
from October 1982 - September 1986: 1500

Serial # SL66E:
coded xxxxxxxx


TTL flash metering
Special model for studio photography with flash

Total made in Germany
from October 1982 - September 1992: 500 

Serial # SL66X:
coded xxxxxxxx


Similar to SL66E, TTL metering, TTL flash metering plus spot metering and redesigned film backs with improved film advance system. Special models: Several not merchandized special editions are known to exist; one of them a chrome plated version (3 pieces).
Total made in Germany from April 1986 - October 1992: 3500. Serial #: coded

SL66SE Exclusive Professional
Collectors camera

Special Edition series with gold plated ROLLEIFLEX name, golden plaque with serial number, golden release button and golden plate on film back. Hand finished details.

Total made in Germany from October 1992 - October 1993: 188
Edition Serial #: 92/001-92/188.

After 1993, probably in 1994-1996, about
6 additional SE Exclusive Professional cameras were built to order with serial
# 92/189 to 92/194.
SL66 RolleiClub Edition

A very limited edition of SL66 cameras with red Lizard leather surfaces have been made available exclusively for RolleiClub members in 2002/2003. The cameras come with their own edition serial number and a certificate of authenticity.