Planar 80mm f 2.8
Standard lens
Diagonal angle: 52 degrees

Acclaimed to be the best standard lens available. It is a classic symmetrical  design which was originally invented by German optical engineer Gauss. The lens has an amazing sharpness, color rendition and a very low level of distortion. It also performs superbly when used for close up and in retro position on an SL66 camera. Magnification close up to 1.6x is possible without accessories.

Practically unchanged in its optical design, the lens was released in 1966 with regular Zeiss coating as pictured at left, and is still -optically unchanged-  in production for Hasselblad and Rollei 6000 series cameras.

The picture at left shows a newer version of the 50mm Distagon with HFT coating. This is a very rare HFT coated lens which actually is a pre-production run by Carl Zeiss. Only about 10 of these lenses are known to have been made. All other HFT coated 80mm lenses are engraved "Rollei HFT" and have been made in license of Carl Zeiss by Rollei.
The HFT version of the 80mm Planar was made with the same look as the lens above (silver diaphragm ring, leatherette), but later the aperture ring was painted black and the lens was equipped with diamond grid leather and the metering coupler ring for SL66X, E and SE models, as shown here.
Later production lenses have a chrome plated bayonet ring.
Planar 80 mm f 2,8
Planar 80 mm f 2,8 HFT
Standard lens
Diagonal angle: 52
Lenses/elements: 7/5
Filter: Bay VI
Weight: 300 g
In production from 1966-1995
The lens existed in 4 versions:
1. 1966-1971 Carl Zeiss, single coating
2. 1971 Carl Zeiss, HFT coating (a few only)
3. 1972-1982 Rollei, HFT, silver diaphragm ring
4. 1982-1995 Rollei, HFT, black diaphragm ring &
.....E-ring coupler
Order #: 979 220
Price (1995) DM 2811 ($ 1400)