Rolleigon 75mm f 4,5 HFT

This lens brings medium format photography into large format terrain.

Combining the unique SL66 feature of tilting the lens plus a ball bearing tilt adapter expands possibilities.


Rolleigon 75mm set consists of two parts: The lens itself, plus a ball nearing tilt adapter, which can be used with most large format lenses (Rodenstock et al.) with shutter size type 1 and focal lenghts from 150mm.

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©G. Seethaler

Shown here a great example how this Rolleigon lens dramatically improves table top product photography.

Depth of field increased with Scheimpflug tilt, plus shifting to picture without falling lines. A perfect reproduction is the result.

Of course, this lens also works with architecture, landscape, advertising...


Rolleigon 75mm f 4,5 HFT
Shift lens perspective correction
Diagonal angle: 62
Lenses/elements: 11/9
Filter: Bay VIII
Weight: 1313 g
In production from 1984-199x
Order #: 969 537
Price (1986) DM 4400 ($ 2200)
Price 1998 DM 10,000 ($ 5,000)
Only 300 known to be made
Shift adapter: ID # 208795