Distagon 50mm f 4
Wide angle lens
Diagonal angle: 75 degrees

This is the most used wide angle lens for medium format cameras, with an angle of view which is comparable to 35mm lenses 28mm. It is a classic part of a professional outfit and great for reportage, landscape and indoors.

Practically unchanged in its optical design, the lens was released in 1966 with regular Zeiss coating as pictured at left.

The picture at left shows a newer version of the 50mm Distagon with HFT coating. This version was made with the same look as the lens above (silver diaphragm ring, leatherette), but later the aperture ring was painted black and the lens was equipped with diamond grid leather and the metering coupler ring for SL66X, E and SE models, as shown here.
The very last production of this lens looked as shown here, all black painted lens barrel and black aperture ring.
Later production lenses have a chrome plated bayonet ring.
Distagon 50mm f 4 HFT
Moderate wide angle lens
Diagonal angle: 76
Lenses/elements: 7/7
Filter: Bay VI
Weight: 555 g
In production from 1966-1995
Order #: 969 530
Price (1995) DM 4860 ($ 2430)