Sonnar 150 mm f 4 with Leaf Shutter HFT version not available.
Can be fitted with coupler for SL66E and SE metering system.
Moderate Tele Photo lens
with Leaf Shutter 1/30-1/500 sec
Diagonal angle: 29
Lenses/elements: 5/3
Filter: Bay VI
Weight: 705 g
In production from 1966-1995
Order #: 979 445
Price (1988) DM 3100 ($ 1650)

With the 80 and 150 leaf shutter lenses, no special procedure is needed to use the camera's focal plane shutter as usual.

In order to use the leaf shutter for flash, cock the leaf shutter on the lens before the exposure, attach a flash to the sync connector on the lens, and set the camera shutter time to 1/30 of a second or shorter.

The lens will open and it's leaf shutter while the camera shutter is opened fully, and the lens will also trigger the flash sync when the leaf shutter is fully open.

Due to this construction, the flash being connected to the sync of the lens,  the internal TTL flash function of the camera with SCA flash units cannot be used.

For flash exposure calculation, however, the Flash Meter FM1 can be attached to the camera's hot shoe in order to determine the right exposure through the lens before taking the final picture.