Sonnar 150mm f 4
Moderate telephoto lens
Diagonal angle: 29 degrees

The classic portrait lens for medium format, comparable to an 85mm lens for 35mm film.

The Sonnar lens is a standard equipment in every professional outfit. It is most often used for portraiture and landscape photography. Not as extremely sharp as the 120mm S-Planar or Makro Planar, it yields great flesh tones and has just the right depth of field to isolate the object from the background without losing detail.

This lens can be useful in retro position for a greater working distance when picturing living objects such as butterflies.

The picture at left shows a close up of the front of the original Carl Zeiss made Sonnar lens. This lens was manufactured without HFT coating and with HFT coating, the latter version being made by Rollei in licence.

The aperture range runs from 4 to 32, to ensure a higher depth of field in close up.

This is a later production lens, with all black aperture ring, diamond grid leatherette and coupler ring for metering on SL66 X, E and SE cameras.
The latest production lenses came with a chrome plated bayonet.
close up of a made by Rollei HFT lens with black front bayonet.
Sonnar 150 mm f 4
Sonnar 150 mm f 4 HFT
Moderate Tele Photo lens
Diagonal angle: 29
Lenses/elements: 5/3
Filter: Bay VI
Weight: 545 g
In production from 1966-1995
Order #: 979 240
Price (1995) DM 5360 ($ 2700)