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Loading the Sl66-SE film magazine
With the introduction of the Rolleiflex SL66-SE Rollei redesigned the Film magazine as well. The newer , thinner films often caused problems with the end-of-film detector in the old magazines. The procedure to load the magazine properly is different from the procedure for the original film holder.

Remove the film holder from the magazine.

Remove the security band from the backing paper.

Make sure the new film goes in the lower spool, the empty spool being in the upper slot  next to the gear wheels.


The new film should be inserted so the black side of the backing papers faces up, as shown.

The backing paper is guided around the film pressure plate on the back of the insert and then fiddled into the slot of the empty upper spool.

Make sure that the paper stays in the slot of the spool, while advancing the film using the larger gear wheel on the right upper side of the film holder insert.

After a few turns, a double sided arrow appears on the film backing paper of the lower (full) part of the roll of film.

You must stop advancing the film when these arrows match the printed red arrow on the upper side of the handgrip of the film insert.

Unfold the winding crank and rotate it clockwise until it is blocked. Press the axle of the crank into the magazine (the red line disappears) and fold the crank back and secure it in the designated slot.

The ASA setting wheel can only be rotated after pressing the little black button underneath the film counter window.

After the last exposure, the winding crank pops out and should be wound clockwise until you hear that the film is wound onto the upper spool. 

After removing the exposed film, move the empty film spool from the lower into the upper spool slot in the insert.

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