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SL66 SE Exclusive Pro

The SL 66 SE Exclusive Professional was built in 1992/1993 as a Commemorative Limited Edition to celebrate 25 years of production of the SL 66 series. 

This model marks the highest level of development ever achieved in the field of mechanical medium format SLR cameras. 

It also heralds the end of the age of mechanical medium format SLR cameras for Rollei. Mechanical cameras like the SL66 , if manufactured today, easily would cost as much as a small car.

The camera is rather Titanium gray then black with matching leather. Initially, only 188 of this model were built. The edition numbers, engraved in a golden plate on the right side of the camera body, run from 92/001 to 92/188. A few cameras with numbers higher than 92/188 have been built to special order in subsequent years, and it is believed that there are a total of 195 cameras of this model.


The camera body, magazine, lens carrier and waist level finder are Titanium coated. Several knobs have polished rings. Some parts are 24k gold plated: shutter release button, name plate, serial number and a model name inscription on the back. Gray diamond grid "leather" covers for the center body parts. This is the only SL66 which shows the special Rollei - R in it's name plate.
Left side with Titanium coated inserts in both focusing and tilt knob, with polished borders.

Gold plated shutter release button and Edition number plate. Titanium coated  shutter time knob with polished ring.

The pictures cannot capture the deep metallic glow of the lacquered surfaces. Seen from the front, he camera appears to be slimmer than the all black SL66E and SL66SE models. This is due to the two-tone Titanium design of the SL66SE Executive Professional. 

Camera body, front bayonet cover, film back, waist level finder and several knobs are Titanium coated, appearing like the middle part of the Rollei 35 Royal Urushi & similar to the top and bottom covers of Rollei 35 Classic Titanium cameras.