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Produced from 1986 to 1992, this was the most sophisticated of all Rolleiflex SL 66 models ever made, and also the last one to be marketed. Spot metering was added to the E model and the SE was born. A total of 3,500 of this model have been made (plus approx. 195 of the Exclusive Gold in 1993-1995). The order number was 560 355. In 1989, the price was DM 6,050 ($ 3,000) (Exclusive 1993: $ 5,000).

There are no plans to start the production of the SL66SE again. A high precision mechanical camera like it would be so expensive to manufacture today, that there would be no market for it.

Compared to a Hasselblad 205FCC, where the body alone runs at $ 7,500.00 :
A complete SL66SE with 80mm lens and film back would cost over $ 10,000.00



Film back for 120 or 220 roll films. Built-in bellows for up to 1,5x magnification without need for accessories.
Learn here the different procedure to load film into an SE magazine