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SL66 E

The Rolleiflex SL 66 E was made from October 1982 until September 1992. The order number was 560 300 (body only: 560 290). In total, 2000 of this model have been built. In 1983, the E camera set cost DM 4,500 ($ 2,250), in 1992 it was priced at about DM 8,000 ($ 4,000). The main difference to the original SL66 is the integration of TTL metering into the body. 4 cells on the mirror measure average center weighted, while an extra cell in the bottom of the mirror house measures reflected light on the film plane for dedicated flash metering.

Flash metering works with SCA 300 system flashes (Metz and others) using the optional SCA 365 adapter. For use of any flash including studio flash systems, TTL flash metering is possible using the Rollei Flash Meter FM 1.

The SL 66 E has been updated technically inside, and on the out side, it looks totally new due to the all black finish and new diamond grid rubber surface coating.

Film back for SL66E takes both 120 or 220 films. Built-in bellows for up to 1,5x magnification without need for accessories. Bellows tilts up and down 8 degrees for extended depth of field. To see how the magazine for SL66SE is loaded differently, click here.

Featuring the renowned Carl Zeiss designed Planar 80mm 2,8 HFT lens, for incredibly sharp and contrast rich pictures!

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