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In the following list I will mention some addresses to send your Rolleiflex for a CLA (Clean, Lubricate and Ajust) or for special treatment like lens re-coating. The names were put forward by Rollei users with first hand experience. I have little or no relationship with most repair shop on this list. Some shops are well established and have a splendid reputation backed by a great number of loyal patrons. From time to time the list will be up-dated.
The order is Alphabetical on most important part of the name.

Off course there will be others who would do a good job on your Rollei. We suggest to send your Rolleiflex to a repairer with experience with that specific model. A Rollei in general is a very complicated mechanical instrument, not to be touched by a handy repair it all shop. Your´s would not be the first camera that has to be rescued after a first time Rollei "repairer" has botched up a job. If in doubt about a reapairer ask around or post a message in the rolleiclub forum.

We take no responsibility what-so-ever for the provided repairers qualifications or repair results. We supply them to you 'as is' as a free to use directory. If you feel you should contact me after a repair, do not hesitate to do so , or ... leave a message to all on the rolleiclub forum.

You can email some repairers by using the secure email facility in this page. Just select the repairer 's button of your choice and go to the form at the bottom of the page.


    Fototechnik Kleinert
    E. Baumgartnerstrasse 12
    A-5020 Salzburg
    Phone: ++43 662 84 57 00


    Atelier 102,
    10, rue Nicolas Appert,
    75011 PARIS
    Phone: (+33) (0)1 48 06 58 08
    Fax: (+33) (0)1 48 06 94 03

    Independant repair shop specialized in classic Rollei cameras. Close to Bastille Square.

    73, rue Croix Nivert
    75015 PARIS
    Phone: (+33) (0)1 42 50 51 51
    Fax: (+33) (0)1 42 50 46 36

    Service, second hand cameras and parts.

    Official Rollei Service representatives in France. Service of Rollei MSC twin series slide projectors only.

    Photo Suffren,
    45, avenue de Suffren
    75007 PARIS
    Phone: (+33) (0)1 45 67 24 25
    Fax: (+33) (0)1 47 83 78 68

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    Official Rollei Service representatives in France. Sales and service of classic and vintage Rolleiflexes since 1929.
    Not far from the Eiffel Tower.


    Franke & Heidecke GmbH
    Manufaktur für Feinmechanik und Optik,
    Salzdahlumer Strasse 196
    D 38126 Braunschweig, Germany
    Phone ++49 531 6800425 (Werksservice Desk)
    Fax ++49 531 6800244 (Werksservice Desk)

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    Werksservice for Rollei products made since 1981 only.

    Mr. Jurgen Kuschnik
    Schroederstrasse 28
    D 69120 Heidelberg
    Phone ++49 6221 893 5472
    Phone calling from the U.S. 011 49 6221 893 5472

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    Mr. Kuschnik has worked with Rollei in Braunschweig, Germany for 14 years and in the Rollei of America Head Office in New Jersey and the Service Centres in California and Colorado as well. He repairs all Rollei cameras (including SL66E and SL66SE cameras) except SLX and the 6000 series. He also sells parts. Mr. Kushnik has also been trained to repair Hasselblad, Bronica and Mamiya cameras.

    Official Rollei Service (?Vertragswerkstätte?), classic and modern cameras.

The Netherlands

    Mr. Hans Klinkhamer
    De Kamera
    Batavenstraat 47
    7041 VA `s-Heerenberg
    The Netherlands
    Telephone +31 314 668885
    Fax +31 314 668809

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    Visitors by appointment only, please. Stockist of Bill Maxwell´s screens.
    Hans is repairing all Rollei cameras (including 2000F, 3001 and 3003), lenses and slide projectors. Hans does not repair compact cameras, electronic flash units and the electronics of the SLX and 6000-series. He does accept SLX and 6000-series cameras for repair but if the problem turns out to be electronic rather than mechanical he will have to send them out.

    Mr. Co de Zoete
    Wilhelminalaan 21
    The Netherlands
    phone:+31 35 - 6014333

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    I have known mr. Ko de Zoete for over 25 years. He was born in a family of watch makers. He can not only repair or clean your camera in a most incredible manner but if needed he can reproduce broken parts as well. I have seen him repairing cameras reported as 'absolutely unrepairable' by official workshops. He can set the shutterspeeds of a mechanical camera better as most 'accredited by Rollei' repairers.

    Recently he developed two camera models for ultra wide photography. One for 35 mm film and one for 6x9 film. Both where a special order for a Dutch World-Press photographer.



    Mr. Otto Baumgartner
    Meierhofrain 24
    CH-8820 Wadenswill
    Phone ++41 1 780 55 15

United Kingdom

    Mr. Brian Mickleboro,
    6 Fairway
    Bishop's Stortford
    Herts, CM23 5LT
    Phone 01279 755862

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    Formerly of The Studio Workshop, London. Mr. Mickleboro is factory trained and has 30-40 years of experience in servicing Rollei cameras.


    Focal Point specialises in anti-fungus treatment of lens surfaces, lens re-cementing and re-coating.

    Mr. Krikor Maralian
    Krimar Photo Shop
    105-B (Route 4) Broadway
    Elmwood Park, NJ 07407
    Telephone (201) 796-0554

    Since January 2005, Krimar Photo Shop of Elmwood Park, NJ is the official Rollei repair service for older models in the US market. Krimar has taken over from Marflex Camera Repair, which has serviced the Classic Rollei over the past two decades. Krikor Maralian, owner of Krimar and Head Technician at Marflex, has 42 years of Rollei repair service experience, and a superb reputation in the business. Besides 23 years at Marflex, Krikor trained at the Rolleiflex factory for three years, with an 8 year stint at Rollei/Africa, and eight years at Rollei/USA.

    Mr. Jurgen Kuschnik
    of Thousand Oaks, CA 91360
    has moved back to his old Home Country Germany. Please see his listing under Germany.

    As from January 2005 Marflex no longer service Rollei cameras.

    Mark Hama, Ltd.
    2675 Earl Drive
    Marietta, GA 30062
    Telephone (770) 565-1498
    Fax (770) 977-5078

    Mr. Hama specialises in Yashica. He services Rolleiflexes too.

    Mr. Fleenor has 40 years Rolleiflex repair experience including 15 years in the Rolleiflex factory service centres of Honeywell and Rollei of America.

    He is repairing Rolleiflex TLRs, (including Rolleiflex 2.8F, 3.5F, Rolleiflex 2.8E-3, 2.8E-2, 2.8E, 2.8D, 2.8C, , 2.8B, 2.8A, Rolleiflex 3.5E-3, 3.5E-2, 3.5E, 3.5, Automat X, 3.5 Automat MX, Automat MX E-V, Tele Rolleiflex, Wide-Angle Rolleiflex, Rolleicord Vb, Va, V, IV, and Rolleiflex T)  Rollei SL66, Rollei 35, Rollei SL35, Rollei A110, and E110, and the Rollei SL26.

    Rollei 35 calibrated to 1.35v or 1.5v battery.
    Maxwell bright screens installed.
    220 switch installed.

    Mr. Paul Ebel
    Paul Ebel Lens Services
    420 21st Street North Suite #2
    PO Box 141
    Menomonie, WI 54751
    Telephone (651) 335-8759

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    Mr. Greg Weber
    Weber Camera
    2022 E. 7th St
    Fremont, NE 68025-1615
    Telephone (402) 721-3873
    Fax (402) 721-3838

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    Mr. Weber is a Konica specialist, he also handles Rollei repairs.

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This list is for most of it's part suplied by mr. Ferdi Stutterheim THANKS !!