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Focussing screen mounting procedure
Replacing the focussing screen of the Rolleiflex SL-66 cameras is an easy job , if you know how to do it . . . here is the secuence: Just follow the instructions and it should go as described.

Remove the waist level finder:

Press the two round buttons next to the left and right side of the waist level finder (red circles) and then lift the finder off using the metal loupe release button as a handle (arrow).

Click pictures for larger version, if needed.

Release the focusing screen frame:

On both sides next to the screen pointing  towards the front of the camera, the focusing screen frame is secured in place by flat, black metal springs, which are attached to the frame with two small silver studs. In the red circles, the springs show a very small lid that curves up. With your finger nails, use these lids to lift the springs  about 1-2 mm (1/16"-1/8") and then slide the frame towards the front of the camera where the Rolleiflex name plate is located. You will hear and feel a small click when the frame releases and then remove the frame from the mirror housing.


Shown at left. the frame is slid forward against the Rolleiflex name plate. Be careful not to over bend the black securing springs, as they will then not fall back into place later and will not be able to secure the frame into place.

This is also the beginning position to re-insert the frame. To reposition the frame, press down on the two silver studs left and right side of the frame and slide the frame backwards.

The focusing screen is secured into the frame by two silver springs on each side of the back end of the frame, shown with red circles.

Remove the focusing screen:

Press both silver springs simultaneously against the black frame and slide the screen out. Do not touch the matte, structured lower side of the screen as it is very delicate. Wash your hands before this procedure, or better, wear cotton gloves.

Shown here the frame upside down with the screen half way slid out. To insert a new screen and mount the frame into the camera, proceed in reverse order. Make sure to mount the screen with the structured matte side DOWN facing the inside of the camera.

Make sure the frame is secure and all the way back on top of the mirror house towards the magazine. If the frame is not in its position, it might block the upward movement of the lens carrier (Scheimpflug movement) and be damaged when trying to move the lens carrier up.

If you plan to switch screens regularly, consider to buy an extra frame for each screen.

Legal talk:
Disclaimer: Those instructions are supplied as a guideline only. The owners of this website can not guarantee that those instructions are folowed as indicated since each individual has to make his/her own decisions. There fore we can not and will not be held responsible for damage that occurs out following ... or not following ... of these instructions.