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I have done extensive research into the best keywords and keyword combinations to get top search results, changing only one keyword in a long row could make the difference of 50% better selections.

Without this smart search service you know you could end up with hundreds of useless ebay items , wasting time by browsing for hours making you tired and resulting in missing that single special item you are looking for so long.

That is all over now, I did the hard work for you and created targeted searches with the very best results possible. I guarantee you that the links below deliver top results for your search, test it , use it and use it for ever again: bookmark this page I will be adding more Rollei related smart searches and improve existing ones on a regular basis. Now in most searches incorporated: Rollei misspellings !!

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Auction Sniper WARNING read at the bottom

Select a detailed world-wide search:
All Rollei ending within one hour Second hand and new Rollei items for sale on eBay to go, goes, going , gone !!! All International Rollei listings ending within one hour, grab it before it's ... gone !
All Rolleiflex SL66 items
Upgraded for better results
All Rolleiflex SL66 items World Wide available for auction today. This link searches for used and new Rolleiflex SL66 items in every country
Lenses for the Rolleiflex SL66 Every Lens for the Rolleiflex SL66
This link searches for second hand and new Rolleiflex SL66 lenses world wide
Every used Rollei item Find every used Rollei item World Wide available for auction today.
This is a the broadest search. Basically everything second hand beginning with the word Rollei is included.
I included quite a few tricks in the search to make it even more comprehensive. So sit tight when you click this.

WARNING: A Rollei avalanche is awaiting you !

All Rolleiflex Find all Rolleiflex items. This is a narrowed down search , basically everything with only the word Rolleiflex is included.
I included a few tricks in the search to make it even more comprehensive.
Rolleiflex 2.8F and 3.5F Narrowed down to the TLR Rolleiflex 2.8 F and 3.5 F but therefore a fairly difficult search, many other Rollei items have 2.8 and filtering on 2,8 is even harder, so you may find some junk but in all it as broad as possible with outstanding selective results.
Rolleiflex T Rolleiflex T This is quite an easy search but a few tricks made it optimal:
Rolleiflex TLR 3.5 Rolleiflex TLR with a 3.5 lens. This is also quite an easy search but a few tricks made it optimal as well.
TLR Rolleiflex Automat TLR Rolleiflex Automat. It's unique name made it easy but with some extra strategy it became optimal.
Rolleiflex GX all variations The Rolleiflex GX in all it's variations search looked easy at first but it is surprising how different those models are advertised by the numerous eBay sellers, even the professional sellers managed to stuff up the descriptions of this one .....;-) Making them harder to find. But. . . this covers them all !
Rolleicord Rolleicord is probably the easiest search but when the misspelling variation was included it became better:
Rolleiflex SLX & 6000 series Rolleiflex SLX , 6006, 6008 etc. All items that fit this great system:
( and I know how great it really is, I've used it for nearly 30 years !! )
Rollei 35 original Rollei 35 the original as 'born' in 1966 .With a focus on the original Rollei35 cameras not the later SLR models etc.
An almost impossible to filter search, there are so many other expressions with 35 but the results are impressive so give it a try:
Everything Rollei and 35 Everything Rollei and 35, If it has Rollei and 35 in it's listing than you'll find it here, not only cameras but many more items like lenses and filters.
Rolleiflex SL35 models Targets the Rolleiflex SL35 . That unique 35mm SLR that had to compete with the upcoming Japanese SLRs and did so in a unique fashion.
Rolleiflex 2000 + 3000 series The Rolleiflex SL 2000 and SL 3003 , the most unique 35mm cameras ever made. Nowadays hard to find . But not on our website with this ebay search tool.
Rollei Tripods, hand-grips, tripod quick releases etc. A not very well known search option. But if you are looking for a 'holding or standing the camera' related item give this a try.
All Rollei Digital Rollei never became a huge player in the digital field ( until the Hy6 ) so I included ALL the Rollei related digital in this one link, it will show amateur and pro cameras as well as digital projectors etc.
All Rollei Macro , close up , bellows etc. Rollei has always had a big name in top quality macro accessories. This link shows all these used items, to capture the little wonders of the world, now for sale.
All Rollei flash equipment and accessories. Rollei was in the 1970's the world leader in electronic flash equipment. This link shows what is right now still available on ... eBay!
Everything Rollei Slide / dia projection related Rollei is at the moment one of the last compnies making slide projectors of the very highest quality. A heritage from a past when they made them by the many thousants. This link shows you all used slide projection related items Including lenses, magazins etc. at ebay
View Finders All possible search instructions for every used rollei view finder available at ebay right now provides you with surprising results.
Filters Used and new optical filters for Rollei and Rolleiflex @ ebay
Minature cameras From the rollei 16mm to the 110 , the 126 and the accessories if it's on ebay it's here !
Rollei related books etc. Find all Rollei related books etc. This link searches for second hand and new Rollei and Rolleiflex related books , brochures, manuals etc.
Be surprised what you'll find in this often forgotten section !
Prestige & Collectors Silver, Gold , Titanium and Platinum , Aurum and Urushi and other many Royal camera designs.
Find all these rich and unique prestige collectors models now for sale:
Strange Rollei search terms Many sellers advertise a bit 'odd', to say it mildly . I've tried to catch those here. Be surprised with many bargains thanks to this off beat advertising.
Ever heard of Franke Heidecke cameras ? We do !!! What to make of a "Franke-heidecke camera" ? Seen on eBay !! If again here to find. Be amazed how many innocent sellers sell a great find under this name !
Our Special link for collectors , looking for a bargain Many sellers advertise their Rollei as a Collectors item without specifications. Or they simply have no clue and call it 'old rolei" , vintage rollieflex' or "rare rollei box'. Here you find searches on this type of expressions.
Newest Buy it now The best bargains in the Buy it Now items can be found within 24 hours after their listing. This is a link to ALL Rollei 'buy it now' with PAYPAL items listed in the last 24 Hours
This is a funny one:

All Roleilfelx retelad mispselligns ;-)

Although many misspellings are incorporated in the original searches for used Rollei cameras and lenses and other second hand Rolleiflex items above, this link may supply you with many surprising results and hence ... bargains !!!

Perform your own advanced search

About Auction Snipers

What are they: Automated programs , either residing in your computer or subscription based services to assist in automated bidding on an auction when you are away from the computer. Sometimes resulting in winning bids.

Be warned: When subscribing to an eBay sniper service you have to hand over your eBay id AND password. This can result in very nasty experiences, like a person from Birmingham in the UK experienced when all of a sudden he received all sorts of claims via eBay to send his photographic items all over the world, items he never listed , he objected but still lost his id due to lots of negative feedback. An id with a huge positive feedback !! What a loss !! Obviously the sniper web-site he subscribed to had 'a leak' in the security.

Another shocking story from a RolleiClub member:
He had been using a sniper service with success for a while but sometimes was surprised by the bid 'just under his ' being so close and having bid a few seconds before his' . He had the same tactic as I describe below , if he wanted someting desperately he placed a realistic sniper bid but fairly high. He assumed others did the same but still was suspicious. Recently his suspicion became true: He thought " What if the sniper company places a bid from a fake buyer just seconds before me in order to crank up the fee?" . This is what happened to him: He had placed a sniper bid on a polarizing filter $116.67 was his bid ( he thought ) he later discovered that he won the auction for $1116,00 he realized he had mistyped the sniper value by one digit (or $1000.00 to expensive), in stead of 116.67 he must have done 1116.67. And now comes the strange fact: the bid placed below his bid was only $3.00 lower. From $78.00 the price suddenly jumped to $1113.00 and then he won for a shocking $1116.67 for a filter with a new-value of no more than $200.00 . The sniper computer was apaerently programmed to place an automatic "fake buyer" bid only seconds before 'our buyer' just below 'our buyer's' highest bid, not knowing that it was a crazy mistake.

Losing Sniped Auctions I should have won.
Or how about the strange losing of sniped auctions I experienced myself. Although my bid was higher as the winning bid I lost more than once very desired items. No reason given.

Good advice: NEVER EVER give your eBay id and password to another web-site like these sniper services. To many around are rogue and exist only shortly. If you run it on your own computer be sure it is a software that absolutely synchronises 100% with the eBay time and uses the full link to the item instead of only the item number. When using the full link you are sure it connects to the page you are looking at.
Be fair to your self : real time bidding is so much more fun and excitement and with high speed internet you can always make a bid amount adjustment in the last minute and still WIN !!

My success in winning goes like this: I place a bid immediately after I see the auction. I continue this until I am the highest bidder with my bid being only a few dollars more as the one below me. This places me as the highest bidder but does not dramatically increase the final value , then I receive an email from eBay with the item link. When outbid eBay notifies me as well, so I keep easy track of the item.
Then ... some 10 minutes before the auction closes I sit tight, make sure I am logged in with my user id, constantly monitoring the price but also the time difference between update of page and projected end time. So I learn when I should place my killing bid arriving 5 seconds before eBay closes the auction. When I am still the highest bidder I may increase my bid . If I want the item desperately I place a realistic but very high bid , knowing it will still only be a few dollars over the highest bidder anyway, but it will be the winning bid !! If I want it but not at any price I try my luck the same way but at a moderate price. The essence is the same : no one knows I am back and will bid again, no bidding war and with some luck a nice low winning price.

Best of all: I kept my eBay id and password secret. No security risk at all and had lot's more fun !
Happy Bidding !!

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