This Rolleiflex SL66 Magnifying Hood with Integrated TTL Metering is a great accessory for every outfit. Great for macro, studio and more.  Exposure correction for bellows, extension rings and filters. Illuminated scale. Automatic off-switch after 25 seconds. Measures average or super spot: 2,8 degrees with 80mm lens. Metering range at F8: 3,2-100.000 ASB.

Eyepiece adjustable from -0,6 up to + 2,1. Magnification 2,5x. Runs on regular 9 V battery.

Because the SL66 E and SL66SE have built-in metering, this hood is not needed for these models.

Shown through glass plate: single CDS cell for spot metering


Eyepiece w. shutter and correction
ASA and DIN settings wheel
Up to 30 seconds measuring
CDS cells for full-area metering
Extra CDS cell for spot metering

Item #: 208 730
Built from: 1971-1979