1. Magazine SL66 6x6

 This is the original film magazine for SL66 cameras. It accepts both 120 and 220 length film; a switch on the lower right corner changes the counter from 1-12 to 1-24 exposures.

There is no need to match a mark on the paper backing if the film, as the camera has a feeler system which senses the beginning of the film emulsion and stops film advance spooling automatically.

2. Magazine SL66 4.5x6

The original magazine existed also in a 4.5x6 version. Shown here is the horizontal version, which uses 120 and 220 film for a total of 16 or 32 exposures on one roll.

A second version of this magazine was offered for vertical exposures (12 or 24).

The 4.5x6 magazine come with an insert to adjust the viewfinder area to match the actual imaging area.

3. Magazine SL66E 6x6

With the introduction of the SL66 X and E cameras in 1982, the second generation magazines have an additional dial for ASA settings and gold plated contacts to transmit these data to the camera's metering system. The aluminum side panel was replaced by an ABS resin panel, which did not need leatherette on its surfaces, but had a diamond grid pattern embedded. Technically, the magazine is otherwise identical to the original magazine.

5. A completely redesigned back followed later in 1986 with the introduction of the SL66SE camera.

Because film emulsions had become thinner, the auto sensor of former film magazines sometimes failed. Rollei re-designed the magazine so it would only accept either 120 or 220 type film now; film spooling now had be done by lining up the arrow mark on the film backing paper.

This magazine also has a foldable crank instead of a winder knob and a film marker box on the back of the magazine door.

Of this magazine, several version were available: 120/6x6, 220/6x6, 120/4.5x6 and 220/4.5x6.

5. SL66SE magazine 120/6x6 with crank and three gold plated contacts.
5. SL66SE magazine 220/6x6 with crank and three gold plated contacts.
5. Close up of SL66SE magazine side panel with crank and ASA settings dial.
5. SL66SE magazine for 4.5x6 exposures.