Parts of a complete bellows system include (clockwise from top):
# 977 000: 10" (25cm) Bellows on rails
# 979 200: Camera focusing rail
# 209 400: Lens adapter
# 209 410: Camera Adapter

Camera mounted on focusing rail, with 80mm extension ring and retro-mounted 80mm lens. 
Production from 1996-1994

Complete bellows system assembled

Complete bellows system assembled with camera and lens (retro)

Details of the bellows system camera adapter 

Details of the bellows and lens adapter

Some of the other accessories:

Top: complete bellows with micro focusing gear.

Below, from left to right:

  1. Ground glass focusing screen

  2. Microscope adapter

  3. 35mm slide copier adapter stage

  4. 60mm slide copier adapter stage

  5. Macro stage with clear or frosted glass

Top: complete bellows with micro focusing gear. Used for extreme precise focusing with high manification photography.